Zoho mail have now a days become the most extensively used email domain that the users utilize for their mail related works. Zoho users just need to register on the email site and further they can easily access the email. Besides, the users can contact the experts team if they have any issue regarding accessing this mail account. The zoho support representatives are available 24/7 so that whenever the users face any single issue then they can get in touch with them at any time of the day.

Zoho mail can also utilize their docs whenever they want by just sharing it with the other email accounts. So, for using the Zoho docs the users just need to follow certain steps and further they’ll be able to utilize those docs in the best way possible.

Girl seeing online zoho help number

1. First of all the users need to open their Zoho email.
2. Now the users need to go to the Zoho docs folder.
3. From the zoho docs folder the users need to select on that file that they want to share.
4. Go to the tool bar and select on the share icon or the users can just give a right click on the file and can select on the share option.
5. The users then need to mention the email address of the people with whom they want to share the file. For this the users need to go to the 6. share settings page and there mention the email address.
7. Open the drop down list and select on access privileges option.

Select on share. Therefore, for more information and toll free, use to https://goo.gl/bNOxPt . The users can contact the zoho customer service and can talk with the executives.


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