When it comes to the browsing content on internet, the first choice which comes in the mind of users is google chrome. It makes the browsing experience of users better through its different features including facility to browse content on different tabs of the browser, manage the home page to get quick access of the web pages, manage the browsing history and more.

It is also active in providing best support to users for the technical glitches they face while working with it which makes it more comfortable for the users. It provide the option to connect with the experts by google chrome help number.

Wants Help

While browsing the content online sometimes it is required by the users to download the PDF files but due to trouble of Google chrome not downloading PDF files works not done, so use to below given guide.

1. Go to google chrome menu and do select the settings option.

2. Now you have to go to advanced settings and then content settings.

3· Do disable individual plugins in the content settings.

4· In the same option disable chrome’s PDF reader


After going through these steps users would be able to easily download the PDF files on their system and read the content for the same. If they find any issue while doing so or any other issue related to google chrome then they can call on the toll free number to interact with the experts.

If this browser is not able to play YouTube videos then users need to go through these steps:

1. First User should update google chrome.

2. Now turn on java script by going to the settings option and in the java script section select the option of allow all sites to run java script.

3. User has do reset internet connection and then check if the chrome works properly.

4. User should check the extensions, plugins, cache and cookies of your browser.


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