There are situations when kindle fire is unable to connect with Wi-Fi. This page invites you if you are facing a related issue with your E-gadget. It is obviously a challenging job for many kindle users to solve this mystery, but not impossible. You should know that the problem needs proper technical knowledge to be solved and it has been shared here by the experts from kindle technical support.

For receive the contact or other information, click on the kindle customer service number. Solution of this trouble is given below:

1. Take your kindle and go to the power button and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds.
2. A message will appear on your screen which ask you, would you like to shut down your kindle.
3. The suggested job is to follow it.
4. Do Wait for 30 seconds (or more) after you have turned it off and power on the gadget, again.
5. Go for a reboot once you have turned it on and you can do it by holding the power button for 20 seconds.
6. Before the reboot, you are instructed to check whether the device is fully charged.
7. If not, go for its charging first.
8. Reset the factory settings after pulling down the notifications bar.
9. Open the home page now and find out the more button; hit it to open the window.
10. De register the device by selecting my account icon.

young business woman in office
using to the given details

Did you find the process hard-hitting? It is not, indeed. You can execute the entire process just by the investment of twenty minutes. Maybe you are finding it hard-hitting because you are now following the given schedule. Well, to settle down the problem, you need to follow the steps in the exact program that is given here. However, the kindle customer support has introduced an open helpline channel that is pulling up your confidence in resolving the mentioned issue. You can also dial this helpline phone number if you are not getting the stored books on your kindle, if you are unable to transfer the purchased books from one device to another, if you want to open a kindle book in multiple devices, if you are unable to charge your kindle device, or if you are getting kindle books synchronizing errors.


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