D-Link routers provide an efficient and effective Internet Connection service to home and business users. It has top-quality features, that’ why it’s used by billions of numbers of users, across the world. Some features are high-quality performance, faster speed, robust, reliable and others. However, features of the D-link Router are ultimate and amazing, which gives the best working experience to users. Even though quality service is never ending. If any user forget their d-link router WI-Fi password and stuck to access the WI-FI services, then they recover the password to solve this problem.

If user face problems or difficulty in accessing D-Link Router. In order to determine the troublesome situations, the user can acquire the technical support by click on dlink customer service number.

First, open any browser on PC and then type “HTTP: //”, in the address bar and press “Enter” key to open configuration page.

Go to “Admin” section, and enter the password of your administration and press on “Enter” key. (The default password value is “Admin”).

Now you have go to setup and page at the top and pick “Wireless setting” at the left side.

Go to “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” section and then search “Pre-Shared Key” field, where they can type a new WI-FI password, according to their choice.

Now do hit on “Save” button.

Now D-link Router WIFI Password has been recovered.

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Below is giving common issues of this device which has been resolved by this support team:

Installation and un-installation issue and problem with Wireless & wired router setup and configuration.

Wireless & wired router related glitches

DNS and gateway settings glitches

Unable to add a new device to the network

Recover wireless router problem

Reset or changed administration password of D-link Router

Updating drivers & security issues

Firmware updates, WIFI setting, and IP address problems


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