Tutorial to clean Brother laser printer and replace drum on Brother Printer

If you are one such users who are facing some sort of difficulty in following the below mentioned tutorial then no need to worry as one stop solution can be offered via dialing the 24/7 brother printer support number. Fixation of the issue can then be offered to the users via remote technical assistance.

How to clean Brother Laser printer?

Users’ printer will get jammed if they are not cleaning it at a regular interval. Brother printer customer service can be availed to clean the laser printer or users can also follow the below mentioned effective tutorial and get their things done easily.

Steps to clean a Brother Laser printer:

· First of all power off the printer and remove all the cords and wires attached to it.
· Users can then take out the paper tray and keep it aside.
· Users can then remove all the dust from the exterior portion of the printer.
· If any pieces of papers or debris are available then that should be removed on an immediate basis.
· Users can now wipe the bottom of the glass scanner window with a lint-free cloth.
· Users can then open the front cover and slide out the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.
· Finally users can reinsert all the things that have been removed and reconnect to the power cord to maximize the output from the printer.

How to replace drum on Brother Printer?

There may be many of the users whose drum may not be working effectively and they may be looking for replacement. But they might not know the desired procedure to do the same. Such people do not need to run here and there as they can simply go through the below mentioned tutorial and get their things done instantly.

Step 1: Users can first of all ensure that their printer is ON and then they can open the scanner cover.

Step 2: Users can now slowly take out the toner cartridge assembly and the drum unit and then push down the lock lever to take out the toner cartridge from the drum.

Step 3: Users can now simply unpack the new drum unit and put the toner cartridge firmly into the new drum unit until you hear it lock into place.

Step 4: Users can now put their toner cartridge and drum unit back into its place and then they can close the top cover.

Step 5: Users can now simply close the scanner cover when they are done with pulling the pull arm on the left side of the machine down.

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Change Frontier Wi-Fi password by steps or by help of customer service representatives

Frontier provides its emails services as well as Wi-Fi modem services to its users so that the people can utilize it to the fullest. Its modem services enables its users to connect with the internet so that they can undertake their internet related work. On the other hand its Wi-Fi password can easily be changed by these steps or the users can call on the frontier email technical support phone number and can talk with the technicians.

Mentioned below are the steps to change Frontier email Wi-Fi password !

First of all the users need to open any web browser that they are using and in the web browser’s address bar the users need to write

Now the users need to mention their Modem access code in the space required.

By doing this the gate way’s UI screen will be displayed.

The users then need to select on the access code that is there at the sub menu of the device.

Users then are required to mention their old Wi-Fi password in the space field namely enter old access code.

Then, the users need to enter their new password in the space required namely enter new access code.

And hence, the Wifi password will be changed.

Frontier Phone Number 1-844-711-1008

Therefore, these are the steps that the users need to follow whenever they want to change the Frontier Wi-Fi password. Besides, if the users face any issue in regarding these steps then they can simply contact the Frontier email customer service and can get in touch with the customer service representatives who are available 24*7 for the users.

Follow these steps and utilize the Zoho docs !!

Zoho mail have now a days become the most extensively used email domain that the users utilize for their mail related works. Zoho users just need to register on the email site and further they can easily access the email. Besides, the users can contact the experts team if they have any issue regarding accessing this mail account. The zoho support representatives are available 24/7 so that whenever the users face any single issue then they can get in touch with them at any time of the day.

Zoho mail can also utilize their docs whenever they want by just sharing it with the other email accounts. So, for using the Zoho docs the users just need to follow certain steps and further they’ll be able to utilize those docs in the best way possible.

Girl seeing online zoho help number

1. First of all the users need to open their Zoho email.
2. Now the users need to go to the Zoho docs folder.
3. From the zoho docs folder the users need to select on that file that they want to share.
4. Go to the tool bar and select on the share icon or the users can just give a right click on the file and can select on the share option.
5. The users then need to mention the email address of the people with whom they want to share the file. For this the users need to go to the 6. share settings page and there mention the email address.
7. Open the drop down list and select on access privileges option.

Select on share. Therefore, for more information and toll free, use to https://goo.gl/bNOxPt . The users can contact the zoho customer service and can talk with the executives.

How to keep safe comcast mail from hacked

Comcast Support provides the support and offers the expert assistance to the clients in need and of their fast service. Ongoing training programs boosts the team years of experience and also keep updated on the latest solutions for managing with any emergency in any industry and they deploy ongoing and proactive monitoring along with troubleshooting to resolve problems.

Comcast offers a truly unique set of services to their customers for large businesses as their services differ from the standard products and that require a specialized tech support structure to blend local and national support and maximum efficiency and best results. The highly talented team with advanced levels of training enables to meet the demands of the customers 24X7 at comcast technical support phone number.

The expert team supports the business needs at all service checkpoints including sign up, to detailed technical support, to billing. The primary goal is to ensure that the customer always has an expert to answer their questions about the services that they receive.

Prohibition for Comcast mail hacked

Girl want help

Comcast is the largest internet service provider in the United States which shows that they use Zimbra as an internal communications platform. Null Crew is a software that was used to exploit an unpatched security vulnerability named CVE-2013-7091 which helps to access to usernames, passwords and other sensitive details from Comcast’s environment.

Comcast customers have not been updated with the term of resetting their passwords but they should have done to avoid hacking. The steps needed to follow by the user for changing of password are:

1. Go to https://customer.comcast.com/Secure/UserSettings/Flows/ChangePassword

2. Then Sign in with their current email and password

3. Comcast will ask the user for their current password and for their new password

The customers should Remember that there are basic Password Requirements
a) 8-16 characters
b) Include at least one letterand include numbers or special characters like !”#$%&’()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~

Must not contain users first name, last name, User ID or Username and do not include spaces

For further assistance, the user can contact Comcast Tech Support anytime or chat with the Agent anytime.

Information of Google chrome Technical Support with Issues Solution | Not Downloading Pdf Files

When it comes to the browsing content on internet, the first choice which comes in the mind of users is google chrome. It makes the browsing experience of users better through its different features including facility to browse content on different tabs of the browser, manage the home page to get quick access of the web pages, manage the browsing history and more.

It is also active in providing best support to users for the technical glitches they face while working with it which makes it more comfortable for the users. It provide the option to connect with the experts by google chrome help number.

Wants Help

While browsing the content online sometimes it is required by the users to download the PDF files but due to trouble of Google chrome not downloading PDF files works not done, so use to below given guide.

1. Go to google chrome menu and do select the settings option.

2. Now you have to go to advanced settings and then content settings.

3· Do disable individual plugins in the content settings.

4· In the same option disable chrome’s PDF reader


After going through these steps users would be able to easily download the PDF files on their system and read the content for the same. If they find any issue while doing so or any other issue related to google chrome then they can call on the toll free number to interact with the experts.

If this browser is not able to play YouTube videos then users need to go through these steps:

1. First User should update google chrome.

2. Now turn on java script by going to the settings option and in the java script section select the option of allow all sites to run java script.

3. User has do reset internet connection and then check if the chrome works properly.

4. User should check the extensions, plugins, cache and cookies of your browser.

How to deal with kindle fire if it won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

There are situations when kindle fire is unable to connect with Wi-Fi. This page invites you if you are facing a related issue with your E-gadget. It is obviously a challenging job for many kindle users to solve this mystery, but not impossible. You should know that the problem needs proper technical knowledge to be solved and it has been shared here by the experts from kindle technical support.

For receive the contact or other information, click on the kindle customer service number. Solution of this trouble is given below:

1. Take your kindle and go to the power button and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds.
2. A message will appear on your screen which ask you, would you like to shut down your kindle.
3. The suggested job is to follow it.
4. Do Wait for 30 seconds (or more) after you have turned it off and power on the gadget, again.
5. Go for a reboot once you have turned it on and you can do it by holding the power button for 20 seconds.
6. Before the reboot, you are instructed to check whether the device is fully charged.
7. If not, go for its charging first.
8. Reset the factory settings after pulling down the notifications bar.
9. Open the home page now and find out the more button; hit it to open the window.
10. De register the device by selecting my account icon.

young business woman in office
using to the given details

Did you find the process hard-hitting? It is not, indeed. You can execute the entire process just by the investment of twenty minutes. Maybe you are finding it hard-hitting because you are now following the given schedule. Well, to settle down the problem, you need to follow the steps in the exact program that is given here. However, the kindle customer support has introduced an open helpline channel that is pulling up your confidence in resolving the mentioned issue. You can also dial this helpline phone number if you are not getting the stored books on your kindle, if you are unable to transfer the purchased books from one device to another, if you want to open a kindle book in multiple devices, if you are unable to charge your kindle device, or if you are getting kindle books synchronizing errors.

Are you forget dlink WIFI password and stuck to access the WIFI services? – Get solution

D-Link routers provide an efficient and effective Internet Connection service to home and business users. It has top-quality features, that’ why it’s used by billions of numbers of users, across the world. Some features are high-quality performance, faster speed, robust, reliable and others. However, features of the D-link Router are ultimate and amazing, which gives the best working experience to users. Even though quality service is never ending. If any user forget their d-link router WI-Fi password and stuck to access the WI-FI services, then they recover the password to solve this problem.

If user face problems or difficulty in accessing D-Link Router. In order to determine the troublesome situations, the user can acquire the technical support by click on dlink customer service number.

First, open any browser on PC and then type “HTTP: //”, in the address bar and press “Enter” key to open configuration page.

Go to “Admin” section, and enter the password of your administration and press on “Enter” key. (The default password value is “Admin”).

Now you have go to setup and page at the top and pick “Wireless setting” at the left side.

Go to “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” section and then search “Pre-Shared Key” field, where they can type a new WI-FI password, according to their choice.

Now do hit on “Save” button.

Now D-link Router WIFI Password has been recovered.

Computer crashing
Girl upset

Below is giving common issues of this device which has been resolved by this support team:

Installation and un-installation issue and problem with Wireless & wired router setup and configuration.

Wireless & wired router related glitches

DNS and gateway settings glitches

Unable to add a new device to the network

Recover wireless router problem

Reset or changed administration password of D-link Router

Updating drivers & security issues

Firmware updates, WIFI setting, and IP address problems

How to fix if iPhone not connecting with Linksys router?

It is one of the leading name in the routers industry, which is used by the billions of users around the world. It is very easy to connect your device with internet by Linksys router. It is very popular for its awesome quality features but sometimes users face many technical difficulties with their Linksys router. In these types of situations, users have to be needed a technical help to fix issues.

Linksys router not connecting on iPhone!

Is your iPhone not connecting with Linksys router? Then don’t worry about that, there are some Linksys router troubleshooting steps is given below, which can helps you. But if you face any type of issue, then don’t feel depressed and contact with executives by click on Linksys router technical support. Get the world class help from the well trained technicians. All the technicians are certified and well trained by the company. This support is available at 24/7 hours.


Press and hold the power button on your iPhone and then power off your iPhone.

Now again power on the iPhone and try to connect.

Users can also turn off their Linksys router for a few seconds and turn on again.

This step will also helps you t resolve your problems.

Get effective Asus support for Asus product at 24/7 hours!

Asus is a very popular company of Taiwan. As/us manufacture an extensive variety of cell desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and numerous others. Sometimes users confront numerous specialized issues while utilizing the Asus product.

How to get certified experts help?

If you are facing any technical issues with Asus products, then it is very important to resolve these issues with the help of certified experts. Now the big question in front of every users is that how to get this help? In these situations, don’t think too much about it and contact with customer service by click on Asus tech support to get the best help from the certified technicians. These technicians are equipped with sound knowledge of every products which makes them easy to resolve any kinds of technical issues.

Executives working

Some technical issues which is associate with Asus product:

  • Connectivity issues related to internet, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Driver compatibility, updates and installation issues.
  • Installation and upgrading the OS issues.
  • Hard drive and power plugs issues.
  • Security issues with antivirus installation on Asus computers or laptops.

Are you facing any technical issues with your Asus products from the above list? Then it is very important to fix them with a technical experts help. For this, call on the helpline number to get the relevant solutions from the technical executives. These executives are well qualified and certified by the company. They will gives an informative solutions to resolve every kinds of issues.

Girl worried by issue

Get world class technical help from the Asus professionals!

Asus support team is team of well qualified, trained and experienced technicians, which can helps you to fix the various types of issues related to Asus. When you contact with them, they will provides you an effective technical support for the various Asus products issue like computer system, printer, laptop etc. It is not matter which types of issues you are facing? They have all kinds of solutions which is very helpful for the users to resolve any kinds of issues.

Why choose Asus customer support?

Highly qualified and supportive staff.
24/7 hours availability for various technical issues.
Online chat support.
Remote support.
Get 100% customer satisfaction.
Get quick and fast response, when you contact with them.

A good technical support is always needed for various kinds of technical issues. Now these days, there is no difficulties to find a best technical support. If you are facing any big technical issues with your Asus products and want to fix them with a good technical support, then it is very simple and easy. For this dial Asus phone number which is one of the effective way to get the world class technical help from the certified technicians. You can contact on these numbers at 24/7 hours.

Get Hotmail Password Reset Solution and know more about WINDOWS LIVE MAIL

If you want to reset Hotmail password, then you just need to go to the official Hotmail password reset page. Then, you have to select the reason for doing so, and after that, you have to enter your Hotmail address and the verification code received by your selected method. Next, you just have to enter your new Hotmail password in the box and then reenter it again and you are done. If any trouble you face then click on hotmail support and get contact of experts.

Getting information

If you are looking for the best email client in the world, then 95% of the Internet user will have the same answer i.e. Windows Live Mail. Developed by Microsoft, it allows all the Internet users to configure all their email accounts at a single place. It also allows the users to separate the inbox folders of their different email accounts along with the support for the RSS Feeds.

Many a times, the users of Windows Live Mail email have to face a large number of issues and majority of them do not know how to fix the issues on their own. So, to put an end to their suffering and frustration, Microsoft provides the Windows Live Mail Phone Number, which the users can dial anytime 24 X 7 and 365 days. You would be surprised to hear that nowadays, all the queries and doubts of the Hotmail users can be fixed easily. Moreover, all their issues can also be fixed permanently. They just have to contact the Windows Live Mail technical support in order to get the best help from the technical experts of the Hotmail Team.